Hiring the right attorney makes all the difference

No attorney or law firm can guarantee a particular result in any given matter. At the W. H. Thomas Firm, we believe, and our experience shows, that we have the right experience and the right qualifications to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. Some of the outcomes we have achieved for our clients as a result of our representation include:

  • The dismissal of mortgage fraud charges, and an agreement by prosecutors to expunge our client’s record (State v. K.B.)
  • The pre-indictment decision by prosecutors not to seek fraud and identity theft charges against our client (U.S. v. F.T.)
  • The post-indictment decision to dismiss human trafficking charges against our client. (U.S. v. V.V.)
  • The decision by the United States Attorney to reduce gun trafficking charges against our client to misdemeanors. (U.S. v. M.T.)
  • The dismissal of Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer charges against our client. (State v. R.L.)
  • The return of all assets alleged to have been drug proceeds seized from our client. (State/U.S. v. A.P.)
  • The decision by the United States Attorney to dismiss Hobbs Act Robbery and Firearm charges against our client. (U.S. v. J.M.)
  • The decision by the United States Attorney to not seek public corruption charges again our client. (U.S. v. J. Doe)
  • The decision by the U.S. Attorney’s Office not to seek charges in a joint IRS and Naval Investigative Services investigation after our client had been identified as a target of the investigation.  (U.S. v. John Doe)
  • The decision to forego mortgage fraud charges in a joint FBI and HUD investigation.  (U.S. v. N.A.)

The legal result, or the potential for legal results, in any case depends on the individual facts of each case. The legal results described above are not intended as a guarantee of a particular outcome in your case. We invite you to contact us to discuss your case and all of your legal options.